Featured News

  1. Restaurant And Hospitality News – February 5, 2018

    Restaurants can win big on Superbowl Sunday with online ordering; and Starbucks prepares to launch a new co-branded credit card and new loyalty card.

  2. Restaurant And Hospitality News – January 29 2018

    Starbucks announces new benefits and pay increases to employees that spur in part from the new tax law changes that were recently passed; and a British robotics company creates a Robotic bartender inspired by the theme song to the iconic Doctor Who.

  3. Restaurant And Hospitality News – January 22, 2018

    In news this week, a data breach impacts as many as 2 million customers of Jason’s Deli, while Starbucks faced down a major social media challenge that threatened to damage its good reputation.

  4. Restaurant And Hospitality News – January 15, 2018

    In news this week, Hilton announces further upgrades to its loyalty program to create greater member flexibility; and Taco Bell announces some significant leadership changes that underscore its commitment to All Access technology and expansion of the global brand.

  5. Restaurant And Hospitality News – January 8, 2018

    In news this week, Papa John’s replaces John Schnatter with Steve Ritchie as CEO; and the new Tax Bill may mean some good news for restaurant renovation and growth.

  6. Restaurant And Hospitality News – December 26, 2017

    In news this week, a new report finds that C-Suite Execs are no longer caught off guard by tightening labor markets; and the NPD Group forecasts that restaurants will turn to a variety of tactics to win over diners as traffic is anticipated to remain constant.

  7. Restaurant And Hospitality News – December 18, 2017

    In news this week, Starbucks opens its second Roastery, located in Shanghai China and featuring immersive AI technology; and a new report shows that 44 percent of hotels plan to create a comprehensive guest mobile experience in 2018.

  8. Restaurant And Hospitality News – December 11, 2017

    In news this week, Dave & Buster’s reimagines a new down-sized unit for smaller markets; while the Department of Labor publishes a draft of a new rule that will allow for tip sharing with back-of-house employees to help reduce the wage disparity between staff.

  9. Restaurant And Hospitality News – December 4, 2017

    In news this week, Arby’s shakes up the restaurant world with its acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings; and hoteliers can benefit from a new 10-point checklist to help them leverage mobile services to boost their bottom line.

  10. Restaurant And Hospitality News – November 27, 2017

    Report Underscores The Value of Gift Cards For Businesses To Drive Sales