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  1. Top 5 Tech Investment Ideas To Make Your QSR More Successful

    According to the latest research from the National Restaurant Association (NRA), restaurant-industry sales are trending upward this year and projected to reach $798.7 billion by year’s end, a 4.3 percent gain over 2016. Quick service restaurant (QSR) and fast-casual sales are expected to reach $233.7 billion this year, representing a 5.3 percent gain over 2016.

  2. Crucial Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs POS And Online Ordering Software

    If you are a startup restaurant business, you might think that a point of sale system is a costly investment. You may be correct however; it offers many benefits that far outweigh any drawbacks including high costs. In fact, a restaurant POS and online ordering system is considered essential for today’s restaurants due to the following:

  3. 5 Reasons Why Merchants Should Use An Embedded POS System

    For merchants, the need for a reliable POS system is irrefutable. They speed up the check out process, efficiently manage inventory, and monitor sales so that business owners can keep a pulse on what is happening within their daily operations. Unfortunately, POS Systems can also potentially require a good amount of costly upkeep. With the myriad of POS options available in today’s marketplace, selecting the right POS system to meet your business needs can be a daunting task.

  4. Health Care Reform Act Orders Healthy Dose Of New Menu Standards

    Digital Menu Boards Prove to be the Necessary Solution.

  5. Dynamic Signage In Food Services Guidebook

    Food services is a high growth area of dynamic signage use in quick service, fast casual, food court, cafeteria and dining halls for digital menu boards, promotional boards and displays in waiting area, lounge, dining room, self-ordering, line-busters and play-areas.

  6. Infographic: Hotel Online Distribution 2014

    As technology advances and the world of social media expands, more and more travelers are turning towards smart phones and tablets to book hotel rooms. eRevMax, the leader in hotel online distribution and channel management solution has released an Infographic “Online Hotel Distribution” to provide hoteliers with upcoming trends backed by relevant data.

  7. Wahaca – Pay Your Bill By Mobile App

    Wahaca, a MICROS customer, is allowing customers in two stores to pay for food using their smartphones, thanks to a service from Flypay.  I decided to go along for lunch and try it out.

  8. What's Driving Tomorrow's Retail Experience?

    This paper examines the future of retail, including changing shopper mindsets and behaviors, and the new expectations shoppers have for their in-store experience.

  9. The Case For Performance-Driven™ Workforce Management — Recognizing The Workforce As A Strategic Asset
    During periods of economic expansion and recession alike, organizations must struggle to thrive in an intensely competitive environment. The recent global economic meltdown reminded business leaders across industries and geographies that the ability to make agile adjustments to changing market conditions is paramount to succeeding in such a situation. By Dayforce
  10. Article: The Customer Is Always Right (Unless They Are Wrong)
    If you are working in the service industry, I know that you’ve heard the age-old rule that “the customer is always right”. I’m here today to reject that notion! By Carl Schneider, Founder of GuestRights