Featured Hospitality Content

  1. Kiosk Solutions: Netkey Kiosk Solutions Provide Decreased Operational Costs
    As one of the first retailers to offer a gift registry in its stores using networked interactive kiosks, the company realized the benefits of self-service could be multiplied with additional customer and employee-facing applications. Submitted by Netkey
  2. Self-Service Kiosk Solutions: Benefits And ROI
    The Netkey software platform is the technology foundation for the successful development, deployment and optimization of scalable and flexible applications delivered to customers and employees via self-service devices in retail stores, banks, hotels, casinos, airports, factories, or any other business location. Submitted by NetKey
  3. Printing Color Receipts — Thermal Vs. Inkjet Comparison
    A side-by-side comparison of inkjet and thermal highlights the variability that can be expected from a point of sale inkjet application. With over 24% of the ink remaining in the cartridges the inkjet image has become illegible while the thermal shows little to no variation from the first receipt printed. Submitted by TPG
  4. Mandarin Oriental Employs Symmons’ Custom-Designed Bathroom Fittings
    Mandarin Oriental, New York has employed the services of Braintree, MA-based manufacturer Symmons for its bathroom fittings. And management at the new Mandarin Oriental being constructed in Boston is considering the services of Symmons’s Signature Design Studio as well
  5. Managing Reputation Online; Free Whitepaper Download From Blizzard Internet Marketing
    For a limited time only, Blizzard Internet Marketing is giving away its popular whitepaper Online Reputation Management for the Hospitality Industry. This guide is specific to the hospitality industry, but contains information valuable to all e-commerce website owners
  6. Star Micronics America Celebrates 30 Years Of Innovation
    Over the past three decades, Star Micronics America has established itself as a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts to the American market and established itself as one of the most innovative companies in its target industries. Submitted by Star Micronics
  7. The Case For Integrated Processes
    Whitepaper: The Case For Integrated Processes
  8. The State Of The Art In Finance
    In the wake of recent accounting scandals and the increasingly competitive business environment, many CFOs and the finance organizations they lead have started to take on new strategic roles within the enterprise. This SAP Insight will discuss recent trends and best practices, as well as provide examples for those companies with best-practice processes, models, and technologies. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  9. Restaurant Technology Outlook: Does Your Application Strategy Match Your Infrastructure?
    White Paper: Restaurant Technology Outlook: Does Your Application Strategy Match Your Infrastructure?
  10. Managing Hospitality And Entertainment Spending
    The ability for hospitality and entertainment enterprises to effectively source, procure, and manage their spend must keep pace with the demand for promptness and compliance in supplier relationship management (SRM). Submitted by Epicor Software Corporation