Magazine Article | November 18, 2013

How Checkers Is Going Mobile To Reach The Customer

Source: Hospitality Leader Online

By Bob Johns

Checkers is jumping into the mobile space, not only to market to their customers, but to better understand them to make that marketing relevant and effective.

Checkers and Rally’s operate nearly 800 double-drive-thru restaurants across the country. They pride themselves on their products and the ability to get customers in and out quickly. However, understanding those same customers and their habits has been missing. This is where Terri Snyder, EVP of marketing and CMO with Checkers/Rally’s, comes in. Snyder has come to realize there is an excellent opportunity to reach and understand the customer like never before — mobility. “Mobility is becoming the key to customer engagement, Snyder says. “CMOs are all facing the same challenges — reaching the consumer at the point of decision and driving traffic.”

The retail and hospitality industries have been notorious late adopters of technology. Customers essentially order the same way today that they did ten years ago in most QSRs. “Our industry is pretty far behind on the technology side of things. However, technology is transforming the industry, and we want to be a leader in the space,” Snyder notes. The majority of the industry has no legacy CRM systems or other data to worry about integrating, which is good for deployment and bad for historical reference. So, most customer-facing systems are able to be built without as many concerns regarding system conflicts.

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