Case Study

Security Cameras Protect Hotel And Contribute To Improved Guest Experience

Hospitality Guest Security Cameras

While the Brookstreet Hotel might be a 276-room 4-star luxury hotel located in Ottawa’s west end, its challenges related to security are no different than most other hotels in North America. Indeed, where it comes to surveillance, there’s a lot about Brookstreet’s security setup worth emulating.

 In addition to a video surveillance solution that the hotel first deployed about 10 years ago, explains director of finance Troy Hughes, the Brookstreet leadership calls its maintenance department the “maintenance and prevention” department and makes those employees responsible for the day-to-day securing of the building. Understand, Brookstreet didn’t dress these people up like guards and isn’t asking them to stand around looking ominous. Rather, site security is the job of the 36 cameras that are installed in and around the building and the daily vigilance of hotel staff, as well as security efforts such as requiring key cards to access any of the guest floors and other non-public areas. 

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