Safety Sight Glass

The Medway 2 Analyzer is used to indicate the amount of residual chlorine in water. It is installed downstream of a dosing system and by utilization of the retransmission signal is used to monitor or control the dosing equipment.

It is designed to control the potential event of either dangerous underdosing or wasteful overdosing of chlorine. The monitor is equipped with four manually adjustable alarms and one equipment failure alarm.

Hypochlorite Generator

Series 3300 Hypo-gen on-site ISO-certified generators produce a solution of approximately 1% sodium hypochlorite from a salt (sodium chloride) solution, using an electrolytic cell. The cell uses all titanium electrodes (cell's anode is specially coated) for efficiency and long operational life. The system is fully automated and safety interlocked. Available in 12-, 25-, 50-, and 100-pounds per day-capacity standard units,