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RESIDE Worldwide Launches The 'RESIDE Right' Experience Delivering Duty Of Care & CDC-Compliant Sanitation Across Portfolio

As the hospitality and travel industries seek to build trust with their customers and guests in what will become a new post-pandemic normal, leading provider of professionally operated and managed global alternative accommodations, RESIDE Worldwide, Inc. (RESIDE), announced the launch of its “RESIDE Right” experience - Enhanced Cleaning Protocols, Health and Safety Scoring, Expanded Training.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) - As the hospitality and travel industries seek to build trust with their customers and guests in what will become a new post-pandemic normal, leading provider of professionally operated and managed global alternative accommodations, RESIDE Worldwide, Inc. (RESIDE), announced the launch of its “RESIDE Right” experience.

The RESIDE team has been dedicated to helping and doing its part to flatten the COVID-19 curve by revising cleanliness protocols to align with CDC regulations, mobilizing its 3SIXTY technology platform to respond to global mobility challenges for our frontline heroes, and implementing remote work policies for non-essential staff and new safety protocols for our essential employees.

“RESIDE Right” is RESIDE’s promise to “do right” by all in times of uncertainty, whether that be in a post-pandemic new normal or simply in the thick of a global relocation where uprooting your family and starting a new chapter poses more questions than answers.

“Hospitality, business travel, relocation & mobility are all being redefined by the sheer nature of everyone’s need to protect themselves, their families and their businesses. The discretionary portion of people’s behaviors will be based on individual risk assessment and tolerance on a day-to-day basis,” said Lee Curtis, CCHP, RESIDE Chief Executive Officer. “Grounded in the very latest data and science and in consideration of the inevitable changes in travel and hospitality, we have adopted new forward-looking protocols and behaviors to increase and round out the support we provide to our guests, customers, clients, employees, partners and industry,” continued Curtis.

The multi-faceted “RESIDE Right” initiative builds upon the company’s award-winning service and standards, offering guests and clients the benefit of RESIDE’s unrivaled global accommodations, a curated customer experience that is kind, caring and thoughtful, and access to an unparalleled 24/7 guest services team, by more fully leveraging the following five Hospitality Pillars:

  • Duty of Care: RESIDE has redefined duty of care to go beyond offering guests with a safe and compliant place to live amidst a saturated marketplace of non-vetted and non-compliant industry disruptors. RESIDE’s duty of care now encompasses the most-recent CDC and WHO guidelines and precautionary measures in sanitation, cleaning and disinfecting. RESIDE is also the only company in the alternative accommodations space providing worldwide, location specific Health and Safety scoring, including critical COVID–19 data and information, for every inventory option it offers to clients and guests.
  • Disinfection: RESIDE has carefully reviewed its disinfecting and sanitizing protocols, products and supplies against virus concentration disinfection power, time and kill rates and has implemented additions to ensure all chemicals and processes meet CDC, WHO and EPA standards. In partnership with Ecolab, they have designed comprehensive and up-to-date cleaning protocols for all areas in guests’ accommodations as well as their company offices, and 3SIXTY partner network.
  • Innovation: RESIDE has added the use of electrostatic sprayers to their deep disinfecting cleans to utilize power-assisted spraying machinery to ensure a deeper, wider, more targeted sanitization. Electro-charged chemical droplets seek surfaces to sanitize more readily than non-charged droplets. The company is also launching their new Cleaning Services Notification system, allowing guests to receive SMS updates regarding cleaning team arrivals for a fully “no-contact” cleaning option.
  • Training: RESIDE has developed and deployed their proprietary “Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect” Training Program for its teams in partnership with Ecolab, which encompasses expanded training on biohazard chemicals, room-by-room cleaning, facility and residential “high touch” cleaning procedures and protocols. All their front line teams are provided with all appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and are receiving OSHA PPE training.
  • Trust: RESIDE distributed its new cleaning standards and protocols across all of the company’s 3SIXTY partners to require enhanced duty of care for clients and guests and build trust within its global supply chain by ensuring chemicals, training, and practices all meet the company’s guidelines to “make it Right.” All network Standard Operating Procedures have been updated and these new cleaning protocols will meet the needs of today’s new normal.

In unprecedented times like these, RESIDE remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver a more highly progressive and dynamic accommodations experience, focused on what is right for our guests, clients, partners and employees. By fully embracing and meeting the challenges presented by the evolving travel and hospitality landscape, the RESIDE Right experience delivers a safer re-entry for business, leisure and other travelers as more traditional patterns of commerce begin to resume.

RESIDE Worldwide, Inc.
Headquartered in Seattle, WA, RESIDE Worldwide, Inc. is the leading provider of professionally operated and managed global alternative accommodations with a portfolio of premier hospitality and technology brands (ABODA by RESIDE, Broadway Plaza, The Beekman Tower, The Residences at W New York, OnBase Suites and 3SIXTY). RESIDE's mission is to present a new way to stay; offering a curated experience to guests no matter the destination or duration of their stay. RESIDE aggregated a world-class partner network of over 1,000,000 of the best globally-compliant accommodations options in over 60 countries to satisfy growing consumer demand for high-quality, flexible and vetted housing solutions for business or leisure travel.

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