News | June 15, 2018

Proxce Launches Future-Proof Guest Experience Platform For Enabling Personalization On Any IoT Device

Proxce’s Enhanced Guest Experience Platform now enables hospitality businesses to leverage IoT and smart devices, that exist now, or in the future, for delivering seamless and personalized guest experience.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) - To truly use technology to offer personalized guest experiences, Proxce has announced its software product that allows hospitality businesses to surprise and delight guests by knowing who they are, where they are, and what is relevant. With connectors to backend systems, travel and hospitality companies can provide mobile services that can now - for example:

  • Automatically check in the guest and download the electronic key on the phone once the guest enters the hotel lobby for the first time
  • Trigger a message to valet concierge once the guest leaves the room, so that the car will be ready by the time guest reaches the lobby

Proxce is the first to bring to the Hospitality industry a proven rule-based approach that has been successfully leveraged in other domains by Zapier and IFTTT to create 1000+ apps, integrations and 1M+ rules in the enterprise software and consumer IoT world, respectively.

Proxce provides an end-to-end solution that significantly reduces the effort and time involved in building the apps and business workflows as the underlying hardware and systems integration come pre-built in Proxce’s scalable and robust Saas platform. As a result, Proxce is witnessing an increased demand for its comprehensive solution that addresses the digital guest experience.

The enhanced digital guest experience platform allows hotels to configure simple personalization events through its drag-and-drop interface. Simple ones provided include:

  • Automated Check-In: Allows guests to avoid the long front desk lines, check-in automatically and go directly to their room
  • Automated Keyless Entry: Lets checked-in users download digital key (for BLE enabled locks) and make it a part of automated check-in experience
  • Contextual Messaging: Send a hyper-personalized message based on guest’s location (lobby, bar, etc.), their preferences (cuisine, ambience, etc.), and their attributes (demographic, business/leisure traveler, family/couple, etc.)

One of Proxce's many benefits to the hospitality industry is they deliver a best in breed turnkey solution for orchestrating customer identity, location, and IoT that plugs directly into legacy hospitality systems and eliminates custom, inefficient point to point interfaces that are currently required to deliver innovative guest experiences.

Proxce has successfully deployed its new platform with its anchor customers such as Taj and Jumeirah and has been witnessing rapid adoption across several countries and brands. “In addition to the pre-packaged use case and solutions for frictionless check-in provided by Proxce, our customers have been very innovative in creating new use cases, thanks to the ease of use of the platform. We are excited about bringing an agile method of unlocking the potential of our customer’s existing IT and hardware investments,” says Mohit Garg, CEO & Co-founder of Proxce.

About Proxce Inc.
Proxce is Travel and Hospitality‘s first and only rules based (if this happens then do that) SaaS offering. The system allows for a seamless association of different types of guest profiles with location and connected devices (IOT) thus enabling hotels to provide services like mobile check-in, keyless entry and contextual messaging.

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