From The Editor | September 16, 2014

Not Your Father's POS Solutions Spending Decisions


By Erin Harris, Editor-In-Chief, Cell & Gene
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Erin Harris HLO

If the recent uptick in sales is any indication of consumer behavior, eating and drinking places should begin or continue to see packed houses. Indeed, the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) chief economist, Bruce Grindy, forecasts a positive outlook for the months ahead for restaurants as they have been among the sectors posting the strongest gains in recent months. Restaurant sales totaled $47.7 billion on a seasonally-adjusted basis in August, up 0.6 percent from July and the strongest monthly volume on record. Talk about great news for the restaurant industry. Gas prices are down $0.25 since the end of June, putting some additional discretionary dollars in your customers’ pockets. And, with the 2014 Holiday shopping season right around the corner, consumers will be frequenting eating and drinking places in droves as they shop ‘til they drop.

Holiday shopping season or not, consumers have an endless array of restaurant choices. POS technology is a no-brainer, but can a POS solution really set you apart from your competitors? In short, yes.

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