News | May 6, 2020

IDS Next And STR Collaborate To Expand Data Benchmarking For Hotels

IDS Next, a veteran in hospitality technology solutions with 32-plus years in the field, and STR, the hospitality data benchmarking giant, will collaborate on seamless access to hotel performance insights within IDS Next solutions.

With data from 69,000 hotels across 180 countries, STR has the most comprehensive, up-to-date hotel data in the world. The company’s Forward STAR solution, which allows hotels to benchmark business on the books, combines with STR’s renowned historical data to provide users with a complete understanding of market demand and performance.

“The global hotel industry is currently going through unprecedented times, making hotel benchmarking & data analysis paramount. We’re excited to bring STR’s data and insights to all of IDS Next’s customers, thus enabling an efficient solution for all partner clients to stay ahead of the curve,” said Jacob K I, Vice President, Business Development, IDS Next. “The STAR program, now available digitally in its dSTAR platform, has been the industry standard since 1987, and STR’s solutions as a whole enable users to gain valuable context of the competitive marketplace and validate pricing, sales, and marketing strategies.”

As part of the collaboration, IDS Next clients will receive complimentary market-level data and access to historical benchmarking reports once participating with STR.

“STR is pleased to expand its automation relationships with IDS Next,” said Vidhi Godiawala, STR’s Business Development Manager for South and Central

Asia. “As part of this collaboration, users will have easy access within the IDS application to view their property’s performance in comparison with a competitive set. We encourage hotels to use benchmarking data to stay ahead of the market with the latest trends on demand, rates, and revenues and benefit of our different subscription levels that range from complimentary to paid.”

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Source: IDS Next