Company Profile | August 27, 1999

Enron Energy Services Storefront

Source: Enron Energy Services, Inc.
Enron Energy Services Storefront Enron Energy Services partners with commercial and industrial businesses to provide integrated energy facility outsourcing solutions on a national basis. Enron's innovative approach to energy delivery and management frees customers to focus critical resources on their core business while Enron assumes the responsibility of managing energy and facility costs.

Developing and supporting in-house energy and facility management capabilities can strain a company's financial and intellectual resources, as well as be difficult to coordinate across departments and sites. By leveraging our expertise in the areas of managing commodities, capital, energy assets, energy information and facilities, Enron Energy Services can help your company keep a competitive edge.

Our outsourcing package is supported by full-service, in-house engineering and construction capabilities. Enron's commitment to Customer Satisfaction means that we work closely with our customers to tailor energy solutions for industries that meet the specific needs of their facilities and their industry.

We have had an unprecedented pattern of success in creating value for customers in such diverse industries as Consumer Products, Commercial Real Estate, Financial Institutions, Retail Distribution, Sport Facilities, and High Technology.