• Restaurant And Hospitality News Roundup - April 10, 2014
    Restaurant And Hospitality News Roundup - April 10, 2014

    While there is not yet widespread use of mobile wallets, experts agree that this is the future of payments. A Hospitality Technology article points out consumers are becoming more reliant on mobile technology in every aspect of their lives — and customer-initiated mobile payments are a natural progression for both hotels and restaurants.

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  • The Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association
    The Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association

    Loss prevention is essential to the success of any business operation and that critical responsibility is no different to those in the restaurant industry.  The Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) offers restaurant LP professionals the opportunity to become involved in strengthening education, best-practices, legislation, services and technologies benefiting those whose responsibilities are to protect company employees, customers and assets.


  • Is ISIS Becoming The Mobile Wallet Of Choice For QSRs?
    Is ISIS Becoming The Mobile Wallet Of Choice For QSRs?

    ISIS, the mobile wallet platform created through a joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, has finally launched nationwide, and it is rapidly being adopted by the QSR industry. ISIS is an NFC-based platform enabling payments with mobile devices. This is not an entirely new concept, of course, but widespread use and adoption have not yet occurred for Google Wallet, PayPal, or other mobile wallet initiatives.

  • Mobility And The QSR

    Quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) are learning how to market to the customer at the point of decision through mobility.

  • Are Mobile Devices Perfect For The Hospitality Industry?

    What industry gets more personal than the hospitality industry? Whether it is service in a restaurant or staying at a hotel, customers and associates interact more in this industry than most. This is why mobility is a perfect fit for the hospitality industry.

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  • Security Cameras Protect Hotel And Contribute To Improved Guest Experience

    While the Brookstreet Hotel might be a 276-room 4-star luxury hotel located in Ottawa’s west end, its challenges related to security are no different than most other hotels in North America. Indeed, where it comes to surveillance, there’s a lot about Brookstreet’s security setup worth emulating.

  • Leading Destination Resort Company Finds Cost Effective Payment Security Solution For Complex Environment

    One of the nation’s leading vacation rental companies faced a significant challenge in ensuring their payment card data was secure and their systems were meeting the highest possible security and compliance standards. The company’s large and complex IT environment contained older systems and custom business processes, further complicating the situation.

  • AmericInn Builds Brand Standard For Payment And Data Security Across Its North American Properties

    AmericInn, a nationally recognized mid-market hotelier with more than 200 hotels in 24 states, demonstrated thoughtful concern for its franchisee community and its guests in their search for a new, hosted payment data security solution to replace existing gateway solutions.

  • Managing Rapid Growth With Integrated HCM Technology

    A rapidly growing organization must often devise new systems and strategies to operationalize and scale its success. Northgate González Markets faced this challenge as the organization expanded from 2,000 to 5,000 employees across 40 stores. For an organization with a focus on rapid expansion, a targeted and growing customer market, and a preference for developing leaders internally, having the right tools in place to speed both administrative and strategic talent tasks was critical. However, Northgate had historically done much of this work manually or through unsophisticated technology programs.

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  • Infographic: Hotel Online Distribution 2014

    As technology advances and the world of social media expands, more and more travelers are turning towards smart phones and tablets to book hotel rooms. eRevMax, the leader in hotel online distribution and channel management solution has released an Infographic “Online Hotel Distribution” to provide hoteliers with upcoming trends backed by relevant data.

  • Wahaca – Pay Your Bill By Mobile App

    Wahaca, a MICROS customer, is allowing customers in two stores to pay for food using their smartphones, thanks to a service from Flypay.  I decided to go along for lunch and try it out.

  • What's Driving Tomorrow's Retail Experience?

    This paper examines the future of retail, including changing shopper mindsets and behaviors, and the new expectations shoppers have for their in-store experience.

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